The Northumberland Studio | Weddings

What if all weddings were the same?
If every couple that we worked with used the same venue and wanted the same photographs in the same albums then a set price list would be a useful thing to have - but that would be quite boring, and we don't like boring!
Thank goodness that every wedding day that we’ve had the pleasure to photograph has been completely different, and therefore every package has to be meticulously discussed and put together.
However what you can expect to receive:-
  • A meticulously organised, experienced and insured photographer or even two!
  • An engagement shoot - you get a chance to shed off all that camera-shyness and be friends with the tog!
  • An online gallery – view and share your images with friends and family.
  • All images skilfully retouched and presented in a range of styles for you to make your selection from – selected images to be displayed in an album of your choice from our range of luxury wedding albums.
  • We capture something real - we want to document the true emotions of your wedding day. We want the photographs to show your character, and that of your parents and best friends, capturing memories and fleeting moments that might otherwise be forgotten!
  • What was that? – whilst we have to capture the important pictures of the day, where possible we don’t ask you to repeat anything just for the camera, or interrupt a conversation to set up a better angle. To me, the best photographs are those where people are completely unaware of the camera, capturing a true moment, nothing staged - weddings offer so many opportunities to catch beautiful emotions and precious moments.
  • Opportunities to meet up several times and discuss your day.
  • Fun!

So if you would like to discuss your special day don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by calling us on 07795 528686 / 01661 843751